S.C.P.S.S.A. Athletics ES Marks Field

Day 1 27 August 2018 Full Day

Order of Events
Full Day Carnival program –

to be confirmed

The Carnival Manager reserves the right to alter the order of events at any time

Track Events Heats and finals of the following events:
1] Boys Junior Relay 4x100m 12] Girls 11 yrs 100m
2] Girls Junior Relay 4x100m 13] Boys 12 yrs 100m
3] Boys Senior Relay 4x100m 14] Girls 12 yrs 100m
4] Girls Senior Relay 4x100m 15] Boys 13 yrs 100m
(*straight final)
5] Boys 8 yrs 100m 16] Girls 13 yrs 100m
(*straight final)
6) Girls 8 yrs 100m 17] Boys Junior 200m
7] Boys 9 yrs 100m 18] Girls Junior 200m
8] Girls 9 yrs 100m 19] Boys 11 yrs 200m
9] Boys 10 yrs 100m 20] Girls 11 yrs 200m
10] Girls 10 yrs 100m 21] Boys 12/13 yrs 200m
11] Boys 11 yrs 100m 22] Girls 12/13 yrs 200m
Please note: Finals for 100m relays will be held at the end of the day
Field Events Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
DISCUS 12/13 yrs 11 yrs Junior
** Track Events take precedence over Field Events

Half-Day Carnival program (to be confirmed)

Track Events

1) Boys Junior 800m (*Final) 4) Girls 11 yrs 800m (*Final)
2) Girls Junior 800m (*Final) 5) Boys 12/13 yrs 800m (*Final)
3) Boys 11 yrs 800m (*Final) 6) Girls 12/13 yrs 800m (*Final)
Field Events Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
HIGH JUMP 12/13 yrs 11 yrs Junior
LONG JUMP 11 yrs Junior 12/13 yrs
SHOT PUT Junior 12/13 yrs 11 yrs

Carnival Rules

Entries: Schools may enter 3 competitors in 100m events
2 competitors in 200m, 800, and field events
1 relay team: Junior and Senior
Age Groups: Junior (*8, 9 and 10 years)* age at Dec 31 this year.
Senior (*11,12 and 13 years)
Finalists: First in each heat and next fastest till eight entrants in Age Races
Eight best times in 200m and Relays
Straight finals for 800m
Field, Enclosure & Grandstand: Only officials and competitors engaged in events should be on the field. Competitors in Marshalling area shall receive no coaching from coaches, parents, Team Managers.
Competitors sit in school areas and inform Team Managers of their whereabouts.
Announcement of Events: Events will be called three times
Track events take precedence over Field evens
Protests: All protests must be lodged in writing by the Team Manager (a teacher) to the Carnival Manager within 15 minutes of
the incident. All protests shall be dealt with by the Carnival Manager, Referee and P.S.S.A. Executive.
Litter: Please make sure that all rubbish is placed in a bin and the Grandstand is kept clean.
Starting Blocks: Starting blocks will be available.
Spikes: No spikes will be permitted in the 800m.
Following size spikes must be worn; Track 7mm, Jumps 9mm.

Relay Draw

Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3
1. Vaucluse 1. Bronte 1. Coogee
2. Waverley 2. Plunkett St 2. Woollahra
3. Clovelly 3. Randwick 3. Double Bay
4. Paddington 4. Darlinghurst 4. Kensington
5. Glenmore Rd 5. Bellevue Hill 5. Bondi Beach
6. Rose Bay 6. Bondi

Students with a Disability
Students MUST be appropriately Classified PRIOR to competing at the Sydney East Carnival.
Parents of Para-Athlete (AWD) may be asked to provide written evidence of their child meeting the disability criteria at Athletics events along the representative pathways.
For further information please contact the Zone Athletics Convener