Zone Code Of Conduct – PSSA

Sydney Coastal Primary Schools Sports Association (PSSA) Code of Conduct

Sydney Coastal Primary Schools Sports Association (PSSA) Code of Conduct is to be signed by all students and parents/caregivers who participate in any PSSA activities including carnivals, team sports and representative trials. The values of PSSA sport are about participation, skill development and enjoyment. PSSA officials and coaches are school teachers, not professional coaches, who do their best to ensure that all children are given the chance to participate and reach their full potential in a safe sporting environment.

All students, schools, coaches, parents and spectators are expected to abide by the following code of conduct to ensure all participants achieve their best.

Student’s Code of Conduct

I agree to:

  • Not argue with the umpire/official and accept all decisions;
  • Control my temper and not use any offensive language or gestures towards anyone else;
  • Conduct myself with dignity and respect all participants;
  • Obey the instructions of the teacher/official in charge of the game/event at all times;
  • Show good sportsmanship in both victory and defeat. This includes shaking hands at the end of a match with all players and officials/teachers;
  • Enjoy myself at sport.


Should I break this code of conduct I am prepared to accept both the responsibility for and the consequences resulting from my actions at sport. These include:

  • Being sent off and replaced for the remainder of the game;
  • Possible suspension from future sporting matches or events;
  • Accepting consequences in line with my school’s code of conduct and the Department of Education’s code of conduct.


Schools Responsibilities


The school will agree to:

  • Ensure that first aid equipment is readily available at all PSSA events;
  • Provide adequate staffing supervision in line with departmental guidelines;
  • Clean up any area used during a PSSA activity before teams leave the premises;
  • Notify the PSSA executive and opposition school if not attending a scheduled match/event;
  • Regard themselves as responsible for the conduct of their supporters whether parents, friends or past students;
  • Supervise all students (not just those from your school) under your duty of care in attendance at PSSA carnivals/matches.

Parents and Spectators Code of Conduct


I agree to:

  • Remember that children participate to have fun and that the game/event is for the students not adults;
  • Inform the teacher/official of any physical disability or ailment that may affect the safety of my child/other children;
  • Be a positive role model for my child and encourage sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy and by demonstrating positive support for all players, teachers, officials and spectators at every game, carnival or sporting events;
  • Respect the teachers/officials and their authority during games/carnivals and will never question, discuss or confront teachers/officials at the game, field or carnival;
  • Provide a sports environment for all children that is free from drugs, smoking and alcohol and I will refrain from their use at all sports events;
  • Keep any pets on leashes or restrained from children.


Should I break this code of conduct I am prepared to accept both the responsibility for and the consequences resulting from my actions at sport. These include:

  • Being asked to leave the premises or park;
  • Meeting with school principal to discuss future attendance at PSSA sporting events;
  • Police being called and parents/spectators being charged with section 60E where teachers feel that student or teacher safety is threatened or intimidated by either verbal or physical abuse.




I agree to:

  • Ensure rules, equipment, training schedules or games are safe and match the needs and skill level of the children involved;
  • Ensure that equal opportunities for participation in sports are available for all children;
  •  Ensure everyone involved including parents/spectators, understand their responsibilities regarding fair play and the Sydney Coastal PSSA code of conduct;
  • Encourage positive attitudes towards children’s sport by emphasising fun and enjoyment, encouraging both teams, setting a good example and doing your best;
  • Remember children play for enjoyment. Downplay the use of rewards;
  • Avoid any hint of criticising the officiating of a match/carnival, particularly in front of students or parents/spectators.


Any incidents of unfair play or inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with in line with the Department of Education’s Teacher Code of Conduct under the direction of your school principal.